• Ejuen Armstrong

Sighs of Relief and Making Changes

Now that 2020 has finished whipping our behinds and passed the baton to the loving embrace of 2021 (think positive), we should all have realised some home truths about ourselves. By now, we should have acknowledged our true nature. We should have either addressed it, nurtured it or released it into the wild.

They say time waits for no man. “Nuh-uh,” said 2020, “Not true at all. And to prove it, I’m going to give you a … a …whole year. So do something, feel something, think something, make something, walk away, come back, speak your mind.

The Future's Bright, With Scattered Showers

Change your future. Or, just do something that might make a difference. We are optimistic but prepared, honed and trained into warrior mode by 2020. We stride towards Utopia with a strong umbrella.

We had an invisible global serial killer running amok

The new normal thing. We tried. We socially distanced, stayed at home. Worked from home. Taught the kids in the kitchen and living room and if we had one, the garden. Some of us learned to Zoom, putting a few more mill in the pocket of founder Eric Yuan. We also thanked him for helping millions of people connect and stay sane. Motivational thought of the day: Eric Yuan moved to the US from China after eight failed attempts to get a visa.

What About You? How You Doin'?

So, to you. Did you do any of those things you always wanted to do? As in, really really wanted to? Did you speak directly about that thing that's been burning you, or did you tuck it away and make excuses for ‘the other person’? Did you finish that project? Think about finishing it? Starting it? Did you tell them you love them? Did you break a bad habit, and develop a good one?

Yes, 2020 hit us so hard we saw stars. However, we still had masks to buy, economies to save, tears to shed, statues to drown, blood pressures to raise, pneumonia to battle and a vaccine to find. We had global leadership issues. People breaking records to vote in an election. America remains on fire.

Did you do any of those things you always wanted to do?

We had an invisible global serial killer running amok. Sadly, it got some of us. Many of us took protective measures, but we didn't always get it right. When we stumbled, we discovered that there were heroes in the shadows, willing to come out and put their own lives on the line. Getting out of 2020 is a lifetime achievement. Now 2021 is getting the measure of us. What did we learn from the experience?

Mother Earth is watching us too. She's asking, so, “Now you’ve seen one future, what changes will you make to avoid it?”

And we tell them both the only thing we can. “Oh,plenty, plenty changes, Mummy and 2021. Don’t you worry, we’ve learned our lesson. Be kind, do better, don’t fight, share resources, lower the temperature, and bring about world peace.. We promise we won’t do it again, We’re gonna be sooo good from now on. Promise, promise, promise!”

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