• Ejuen Armstrong

Drat You, WordPress

Drat you, WordPress I soo wish I knew How to fix you With some cardboard and glue Your pages and blogs are mysterious to me Though I’ve clicked WP admin and - Oh! Wait, I see: It must be this one that says ‘Upgrade’! I’m not going there I know someone who did And she paid and she paid She knows a lot now, I hope more than me But the thing is, I’m already paying quite a nice fee It’s to Wix – but no matter – not paying you too For a site last updated in 1692 Only I’ve clicked by accident on ‘Publish’ without knowing And now all my practice poetry and stories are showing Damn! Seems I’ve picked up some followers I’ve got people to please! With more knowledge than me Watching with coffee and glee For what my next scintillating

Instalment will bring Call it – not a damn thing Till I know what I’m doing Oh WordPress just make it a little bit easier To make my site pleasier Might I suggest, to delight - A one-click-button website? Just give me a shout When you’ve sorted it out; I’ll be back with hooray! And (praps?) ready to pay.

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