• Ejuen Armstrong


When the last leaf falls

And the tree breaks

There is a soft sigh

A silent embrace

Of air.

Where hearts do not touch,

A long goodbye

Has reached its destination


Years of the unnatural

Assumed as practical

And friendships untied

And reunion tried.

The illness speaks

Says: "What can I do you for?"

The vernacular is tainted

While memories

That should be jaded

Are fully gone.

Another cycle of life

Must bring them into fruition

As deja-vu.

As new.

But for now,

We are separate

Across irretrievable distance

I beyond reach

You beyond caring.

Is this what we come to

When the last leaf falls?

When I hear you say,

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

#loss #friendship #illness #separation #distance #memory

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